Operation 36 Program

Operation 36 Program

Each year, Eclipse Golf Academy’s After-School Program will follow the Operation 36 Developmental Program. We will use the Op36 Mobile App to track your junior(s) progress throughout the year. Come learn how to take your juniors game to the next level!

Starts at $250

Step 1

Learn & Develop Skills

Juniors will be challenged each week at practice learning and sharpening their skills. Players will be assigned groups each practice based on their current division. Our Student:Coach Ratio is 6:1 to ensure students get the most out of each practice. 

Step 2

Play 9 Holes

Every player will start in Division 1 and will need to shoot a score of 36 or better to move into Division 2. This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!

Step 3

Train, Play & Track Your Progress

All progress is tracked in the Operation 36 Mobile App. 

Starter Kit

Attention New Op36 Participants!

If this is the first semester for your family then a $75 initiation fee will apply on your first month’s payment for use of Op36 app per student. That fee is good for the year. Each year after, you will only be charged one fee of $75 for app usage which is good for the year! You can also purchase the Starter Kit for $60 (Normally costs $75 online). 

** You choose which two days a week you would like to practice. You must stick to those days each week. If you were to miss a day, you will be able to makeup one practice on another day (if available). Our Student:Coach ratio is 6:1 to ensure the juniors are getting the most out of each practice. **

** In order for your junior to have a chance to move up divisions, they will need to play in at least one Op36 Tournament (either the Recreational or Performance Package option). Once cards are charged for the semester, there are no refunds if you were to miss a tournament. **

How To Sign Up

  • 1) Download the Op36 App
  • 2) Select ‘WindRose Golf Club’ as the facility
  • 3) Add your profile first, click on the “more” button at the bottom of the app, and then choose “Add Member” to add your junior(s) 
  • 3) Choose two days of the week you would like your junior(s) to attend (Need to choose same package option for both classes. *You will only be charged for one package*.)
  • 4) Once your classes have been approved, you will be emailed a 2023 Junior Contract to be filled out and returned. A Credit Card number is required. Cards will be charged the first Friday of each semester. 


$ 250
  • 10 Practice Sessions


$ 280
  • 10 Practice Sessions
  • 1 Operation 36 Tournament


$ 300
  • 10 Practice Sessions
  • 2 Operation 36 Tournaments

Learn More About Op36

Most frequent questions and answers

The Op 36 Mobile App is your guide that makes getting better fun!

Earn 50 Points for your community when you play golf! The Play feature allows you to use the GPS to find your Op 36 Division Tee-Box and digitally track your stats.

Earn 25 Points for your community when you train your skills! Level up your skills by tracking time put into each skill.

Stay up-to-date with coach program communication by visiting your Class/Group page and viewing the Announcements tab. Coaches centralize communication for the program here.

Every golf action you log earns points for your community and helps it climb the Monthly Global Challenge Leaderboard! Be sure to connect and encourage others in your community feed 

Golf Professionals are equipped with the Junior Golf Development Reporting features in their Op 36 Web Platform. They have the tools to guide your junior.