Our Philosophy


Detail-Oriented & Performance Based Coaching Style

Effective coaching provides an exciting journey in possibility. Our style of communication makes playing a better game simple and efficient for every player.

Our System

At Eclipse Golf Academy, we are passionate about giving the best instruction and club fitting possible. No matter the skill level, we have options for you that have been proven to lead to long term player development and a love for a game you can play forever. Come learn how to Take Over Your Game!

Eclipse Golf Academy is built around a team based environment. After a thorough evaluation, our team puts together a personalized game plan for you. During your journey, we will continue to evaluate your game and update your game plan as needed, in order to ensure you reach your fullest potential.


At Eclipse, we believe every swing is unique, and it is important to determine what each individual needs to play their best. Having a solid foundation is key to building the walls.

With a complete understanding of the fundamentals and an analysis of your limitations, our team then takes a deep dive into the mechanics of your swing. From there, we will instruct how your body and club should move throughout the swing, and apply drills to get you in the correct positions. Our team believes that correct repetition with less thought is vital to your improvement. You will be sent home with body rotation drills, swing drills and a personalized game plan to help ensure progression.

Short Game is something we stress here at Eclipse. Without a good short game, you’ll never be able to fully reach your potential. We strive to help every student master the basic mechanics of short game, and have a better understanding of how to play each shot. Every lesson will include video analysis with a summary for viewing at home, upon request.


Why am I unable to take my game from the range to the course? The question everyone asks.

It is due mostly to a lack of understanding HOW to practice. Our Team believes practicing on the course is a must to gain the confidence and experience you need to get better. Offering on-course lessons, you will get a detailed look into what it takes to play this game to your fullest advantage.

Having studied years on the mental game, our trained professionals understands how important it is. We explains golf as 70% mental and 30% physical, but yet we focus more on the 30% side than anything else. Without a strong mental game, you can only go so far. We believe everyone can be a player, you just have to pull it out of them.

You will be tested each lesson to not only strengthen your mental game but learn how to coach yourself so you have a thorough understanding of your swing. Eclipse is big on individual teaching so you know how to fix yourself outside of the lessons.