Bunker Practice Challenge

In 2016 we produced a video series for Golf Digest called the “MAKE THE TURN” Weekly Challenge. The series consisted of 52 experiential training exercises to help players think differently about how to best tackle the pursuit of lower scores. This lesson from the series, inspired by Hall of Fame golfer, Gary Player, is all about embracing sheer determination as an integral part of a winning practice session.

Task vs Time

An important strategy to upgrade your practice is to focus on the completion of a “task” vs practicing for a certain duration of time. Show up to the golf course with a single task you’d like to be able to accomplish. Completion of the task is evidence of proficiency. If you complete your task in a few minutes, give yourself a pat on the back and move onto something new. You can even cease your practice session and enjoy a reward such as dinner at the club or a few holes on the course. If you struggle with the task, then you need more time in that particular area which means your practice session could be a long one.

Golfers who get excited about reaching new goals often create “unreasonable” expectations relative to their practice time. Instead of committing hours per week, instead approach practice as a “task” based effort over a time commitment. You’ll have more fun working on your game without it feeling like an unsustainable grind!


Jeff Ritter is Founder and Director of MAKE THE TURN Performance at Pronghorn Academy. The Golf Digest Editor’s Choice as “Best Academies in the West,” Ritter is also ranked as the #1 Coach in Oregon by Golf Digest.